If you reckon the title´s cheesy get over it because this is trance music´s equivalent of the second coming! Labworks are all set to deliver Finland its second all-conquering trance monster in as many years. Simply put, ´Ibiza Sunrise´ is just one of the special records. Look no further than the "Shane 45 Monster Mix" to unleash a sea of old scholl emotional euphoria onto your floor! A calm, assured, four-minute build gives way in thirty seconds to deliver the kind of moment that most producers spend their entire lives trying to find! The genius here (as so often is the case) is the vocal delivery. Mildly idiosyncratic, it will leave few corners of the floor untouched. The "Airbase Remix" brings a more Dirt Devilish theme, which neatly corner the more commercial end of the market. Finally, Finnish hero DJ Tab brings the subtlest flavours to his "Fluid in Motion" rebuild. Hugely likeable, curiously well timed and set to leave many a punter dewy eyed at the end of the night!

- Tim Shark 5/5, Dj Mag



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Labworks at Auratrance.com is now online. Some before this unheard songs could be downloaded.